Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brisbane Part 2

We travelled up Harbour Town to do some shopping.. Got a pair of Levi Jeans for less than SGD 17!! It’s the only pair left.. Didn’t manage to get much things, pretty much the same usual brands that we saw in DFO. In the end, bought the most items from Woolworths, food, food and more food.. We got quite a no. of their house brand prdts, it was pretty decent in terms of price savings and food quality..

Before I continue on to Sunshine Coast, The Big Pineapple and The Ginger Factory, I have to admit that I did not fully enjoy and explore the 3 places.. Not much photos taken as well..

All down to one reason: I was feeling like crap due to excessive drinking.. Before you jump into any conclusions, I need to explain myself.. Red wine is extremely cheap, or should I say, awful red wine is extremely cheap.. We played some card games during the night, and I was on a roll.. A losing roll.. I practically finish most of the wine.. Till now.. I can’t take any red wine.. -_-”

Anyway, continuing on the trip, we drove to Sunshine Coast and the beach was just amazing.. Clear cool waters and light sandy beach.. As mentioned, didn’t manage to get in the waters due to bad condition.. =( However, when we got to Sunshine Coast, I presume it was a surfing class taking place.. So.. Plenty of eye candy.. Made the trip just a little more worth it..

We also went to The Big Pineapple and The Ginger Factory, but we didn’t went in to play.. We just visited the retail stores and roamed around the places where admission ticket is not required..


- Buy the pineapple from The Big Pineapple, it’s juicy and extremely sweet..

- Just opposite The Big Pineapple is the Macadamia Nut Farm, definitely worth a visit to buy the Macadamia.. Nothing much to look but the Macadamia is delicious!!

Following The Big Pineapple, we went to The Ginger Factory.. I for one dislike Ginger.. So wasn’t very fond going, but my mum loves ginger, so was hoping to get some ginger candy for her.. There are other shows in the Factory, but of course, wasn’t in the mood to go.. Thankfully, there are a few stores inside the Factory, so we spent some time shopping and just looking around.. Honestly, other than the shows (I didn’t get to go, so unsure if it’s good), shopping and the tram ride, there pretty nothing much you can do..

We concluded our Brisbane trip with lots of shopping around the same places, casino time and losing our way.. Apologies for the very "undetailed" trip.. It's quite some time from now.. Still hope you've enjoyed reading..


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